Logitech Harmony

🔥Use your smartphone or the included Harmony Remote to control your entertainment devices.

✨Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls

😍Future-proof control of up to 8 devices

👌Works with over 270,000 devices including cable TV boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, Phillips Hue, Xbox One, PS3, and TV-connected PC or Mac

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Logitech Harmony Smart Control Easily control entertainment devices—even ones in closed cabinets.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a one-touch universal remote. Now you can control your entire entertainment system with the smartphone or tablet you already own. The Harmony Hub combined with a powerful app give you personalized control of up to eight devices—even through closed cabinets and walls. Plus, you get a simple Harmony remote for everyone in the house when your smartphone isn’t handy.

Logitech Harmony

A Smart control

Harmony Hub turns RF signals from the remote into IR or Bluetooth commands your devices can understand and can’t see—behind closed cabinet doors or walls. Control up to 8 devices including your PS3, Wii or Xbox One, plus your Internet subscription services, like Netflix or Hulu. Harmony supports 270,000 devices from 6,000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow. Logitech Harmony’s online device library makes it easy to update your smartphone and remote with new devices and commands.

Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips

Controls Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Phillips hue

Control your Sonos with Logitech Harmony App to play, pause, change volume or launch your Sonos Favorites. Control Philips hue lights by integrating lighting control into your Harmony activities like Listen to Music, Play a Game or Watch a Movie. Imagine starting a Watch TV activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control Amazon Fire TV, too. Just launch the Harmony App, add Fire TV, and create a Watch Fire TV Activity.

Easily find entertainment with your smartphone keyboard

Logitech Harmony Finds your content faster

Now you can avoid frustrating on-TV keyboards. Use your smartphone/tablet keyboard or speech recognition capability with the Harmony App to find your content faster on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon FireTV. Also works with Windows PCs and Macs.

Turns your smartphone into a Harmony controller

Logitech Harmony App for smartphone or tablet

Anyone in the house can download the app and turn their smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote. With one-touch activity control, you just tap “Watch TV” or “Watch a Movie” and Harmony powers on the right devices to the right settings. Simply swipe and tap to change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward and rewind. Plus, you can organize and re-order buttons, activities, and up to 50 Favorite channel icons the way you like them—right on your smartphone.

logitech Harmony app

Easy guided online setup

Simply download the Logitech Harmony App to your computer or your iPhone or later or Android smartphone with Bluetooth Smart Technology. Screen prompts make it easy to set up your app and remote with commands for your devices. Live customer support is ready to help if you need it.

Universal remote for times when your smartphone isn’t handy

Comes with a handheld remote for the house

This simple all-button Logitech Harmony universal remote gives everyone at home easy control of your entertainment system when your smartphone or tablet isn’t handy. It also works with Harmony Hub for control of devices in closed cabinets.


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