Logitech Harmony Elite

logitech harmony elite
Overall Rating: 4.4
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
  • Mac/PC, iOS & Android
  • Controls up to 15 Home Theater Devices

Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)

2.4-inch LCD display

2.13 x 7.56 x 1.14 in

5.78 oz

logitech harmony elite

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Logitech harmony Elite

The product is refurbished, fully functional, and in excellent condition. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

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Logitech Harmony Elite VS Logitech Harmony

Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
Controlled Devices
up to 15 Home Theater Devices
up to 8 Home Theater Devices
Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)
Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)
Touch Screen
2.4-inch LCD display
5.78 oz
3.9 oz
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Most asked questions about Logitech Harmony Elite

Why are universal remotes dying?

Mainly, because the new smart TVs and TV Boxes has some built-in services that made universal remotes less popular.

What is the best Harmony remote to buy?

Harmony Elite is Logitech's high end remote which can control up to 15 devices at once. This piece of art is built with both physical buttons and a color touchscreen that makes controlling your smart home even more easier.

Can Harmony control PS5?

Alongside with the harmony companion, Logitech harmony elite is very responsive with PS5 more than it was with PS4.

OFFICIAL Logitech harmony Elite VIDEO

OFFICIAL Logitech harmony VIDEO

What Verified Buyers are saying on Amazon about Logitech harmony Elite

Remote works very well, no issues and prompt delivery.

Christine Horvay

Upgraded my Harmony One remote [which after 14 years became frustratingly quirky] to this refurbished Harmony 665 remote. Using the MyHarmony software it took me all of 5 minutes to copy my devices and activities from my old remote to my new remote. Took another few minutes to figure out the 665 buttons. So far so good!

Dorothy G.

It was in good shape but you really don't have a lot of options if you need a replacement but to but used and more money.
Since Logitech is getting out of the game. I don't understand why but okay. Showed up quick and works so what more can you say.

High Desert

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