Logitech Harmony

logitech harmony
Overall Rating: 3.3
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
  • Mac/PC, iOS & Android
  • Controls up to 8 Home Theater Devices

Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)

4.16 x 4.88 x 1 in

3.9 oz

logitech harmony

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Logitech harmony Companion

Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360

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Logitech Harmony VS Logitech Harmony Elite

Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, SmartThings, Wink
Controlled Devices
up to 8 Home Theater Devices
up to 15 Home Theater Devices
Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)
Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared (IR)
Touch Screen
2.4-inch LCD display
3.9 oz
5.78 oz
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Most asked questions about Logitech Harmony

Why are universal remotes dying?

Mainly, because the new smart TVs and TV Boxes has some built-in services that made universal remotes less popular.

Is it worth buying Harmony remote?

It's a MAYBE depending on how are your need for it. No doubt, it's easy to use and even can be connected to Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant but Still we advise you to check the prices to decide if you're in.

Does Logitech Harmony work with YouTube TV?

It's one of the best choices if you are looking for a smart hub to use mainly with YouTube TV.

OFFICIAL Logitech harmony VIDEO

OFFICIAL Logitech harmony Elite VIDEO

What Verified Buyers are saying on Amazon about Logitech harmony

This is my third harmony remote and I love it. The remote is small and easy to use. I love the fact that I don’t need to point it at anything since it only communicates with the smart hub. Works perfectly every time.
Called their customer service with a question about this set up and got immediate help. Logitech has great customer service. Don’t think you can go wrong with this remote.

David Vangsness

I purchased this to hopefully control my t.v, firestick, cable box, and soundbar. After hours of going through the setup process, the system never works as it should. There is no actual integration with other smart devices as it is advertised to be able to do. As of 2018, it seems the company removed this function, so anyone looking for this is going to go elsewhere. I can not recommend this product.


The buttons seem to respond slowly or not at all and the volume has a tough time responding.


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