Looking for a flexible and affordable way to make purchases on Amazon? Consider using Amazon Layaway. With Amazon Layaway, you can pay for your items over time and take them home when they’re paid in full. It’s a great way to spread out your payments and make larger purchases without breaking the bank. Plus, with a wide range of eligible items, including PCs, home and entertainment electronics, cameras, sports and exercise equipment, and home improvement tools, you can use Amazon Layaway to make purchases for almost any occasion.

Amazon layaway

Pay over time. No Interest or Fees.


How do I start an Amazon Layaway plan?

To begin a Layaway plan, select an item marked ‘Reserve with Layaway’ and add it to your cart. You will pay 20% toward the cost of the purchase at checkout. The amount paid at checkout will be the first of 5 payments on your 8-week Layaway plan. If you need to cancel your Layaway plan or do not complete the payments, we will refund all amounts you have paid to the payment method(s) used to make any scheduled payment.

Is Layaway really free?

Yes. There are no interest charges, late fees, sign-up fees, service charges, cancelation fees, or restocking fees for using this payment option.

Where can I find it?

Visit the Amazon Layaway homepage, which features a list of categories and items eligible for Layaway. Product availability varies for Layaway. Items currently available for a Layaway payment plan will be clearly labeled in your search results.


Layaway is available on select products that are sold and shipped by Amazon. You can identify items that are eligible for Layaway by looking for “Reserve with Layaway” near the product name. If you do not see this label near the product name it may be due to multiple offers on the product.

Products you can buy with Amazon Layaway

Click images below to see the available items on each category

PCs available for layaway on Amazon

Can I purchase items on sale?

You will be able to lock in the price of the item when you start your Layaway plan, including any deals or discounts you see at the time. Once the Layaway order is placed, the price on your Layaway item will not change.

How do the payments work for Amazon Layaway?

Amazon Layaway plans can be started with any credit or debit card. Your Layaway plan is 5 payments, including your first payment to reserve the item, with the remaining 4 payments automatically charged every 2 weeks. Taxes and shipping fees (if any) for your purchase will be charged with your final payment. You can manage your Layaway plan through your Amazon account, where you can update your payment instrument, pay the next scheduled payment early, settle overdue payments, or pay off the remaining balance to complete your purchase and ship your item.

But that’s not all. Amazon Layaway also offers the convenience of shopping online and the peace of mind of secure payments. You’ll have the option to choose your payment schedule, so you can tailor it to fit your budget. And with no credit check required, it’s a hassle-free way to shop. Plus, all payments are securely processed by Amazon, so you can shop with confidence.

So why wait? Start shopping today and take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of Amazon Layaway. Whether you’re looking for a new PC for work or school, upgrading your home entertainment setup, or tackling a home improvement project, Amazon Layaway has you covered. Shop now and make your purchases on your own terms. With a wide range of eligible items and the convenience of online shopping, Amazon Layaway is the smart way to shop.

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