May 2022

The Best Mini Gaming Laptops Guide.

In today’s modern world, we are all in constant motion. Perhaps we commute to work or are studying far away from home. With that kind of lifestyle it can be difficult to enjoy our hobbies, but thanks to modern advancements we can still enjoy some hobbies.

For example, if you are a cinephile, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or series on a tablet. But, what if you are a gamer? It would be difficult to bring your gaming rig with you.

The answer? A Mini Laptop.

Today we will see the best mini laptop out there for you.

Why buy a mini laptop over a normal laptop? To start, mini laptops are lightweight, with some only weighing over 1lb. They are compact, which makes traveling with it very easy as it fits almost anywhere. Finally, most can be utilized both as a mini laptop and a tablet.

Today we will take a look at the best mini laptops for gamers like you. Now you always have the option to buy the best gaming laptop, but today’s best mini-laptops provide more RAM and powerful CPUs than years prior, which makes it a perfect lightweight and portable device that will meet your gaming needs.

Right off the bat, the best mini laptops for gaming is the ASUS Transformer Book. As you may know, Asus gaming laptops are known for being reliable and powerful. But don’t worry, we will break it down for you to see why it is the best mini laptop for gaming in the market!

Factors you can’t miss


Or the Central Processing Unit is the heart of any computer or laptop. For the ASUS Transformer Book Mini Laptop, it carries the Intel Quad-Core Cherry Trail. This bad boy can run games like TES: Skyrim or even Crysis, and it only gets better since you can overclock the CPU, meaning you can increase its capability.


It comes with Windows 10 preinstalled, which means you can start slashing some monsters or shooting your way through some enemies a lot sooner. As it’s a Windows OS, Microsoft Office will also be included. So you will be ready to play and get work done. Awesome, right?


This ASUS laptop comes with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, which translates that your mini-laptop can run smoother and more efficiently while running different applications. For example, want to play Terraria but also need to finish an essay? Well, with 4 GB of RAM, you can easily do both without suffering any lag. And speaking of essays, And speaking of essays,  there are plenty of laptops perfect for the college scene.


Utilizing the best tech for storage, this mini laptop comes with 64 GB of SSD Storage. Yes, SSD storage. In case you are not familiar with the term, SSD speeds up your device, starts up, and cuts the loading of your games. With this SSD Storage Card, you won’t be able to read all those useful Loading Screens Tips most games have.


Since it is a mini laptop, you may fear that the display will not be very good. But with this Asus Mini Laptop, you will be able to utilize HD Ready Resolution. It comes with a 1200*800 Display, making your games still look amazing, even with a smaller screen.


The ASUS Transformer Book comes with a 10.1¨ screen, making it comfortable to use while on a train or even an airplane. The cool thing about the screen is that it is detachable. Yes, it is a 2-in-1 laptop! Both a tablet and a mini laptop in one. You can also use the keyboard even with the screen detached.

Battery life

This mini gaming laptop delivers when it comes to battery life, as it has 12 hours of unplugged battery life. Perfect for when you are not able to connect to an outlet but still want to play some games. Game for hours without worrying about your battery draining out!

USB Ports

What else can this mini yet powerful laptop offer? Well, it comes integrated with a USB C port, which is the latest in this technology. It allows you to transfer files at 10x the speed of the previous USB series. The best thing about it is that it’s reversible! That means you won’t struggle to try to figure out which way the connector goes, which saves you some precious gaming time.


Being a mini laptop, it weighs very little, only 2.2 lbs with the keyboard attached and without 580g! That means that the screen only weighs about the same as a loaf of bread, about 20 slices. Now that is what we call the best lightweight laptop out there.


For a gamer, this is one very important aspect. You may worry if it will be too cramped to play comfortably, do not worry as the keyboard of this Asus laptop has been ergonomically crafted to feel like a full-sized laptop keyboard.

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Are Desktops Better Than Laptops?

desktop better than laptop

For much of the century there’s been an ongoing debate about whether are desktops better than laptops. There have been passionate advocates on both sides of the debate.

are desktops better than laptops
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Are Desktops Better than Laptops?

For those who opt for desktops, they love the stability, and strength that these computers offer. Desktops have the space to include all of the latest Hardware and an ample amount of cooling no matter how robust the system is. This cooling option will be so important to the computer & can help the powerful components to make the system faster, more reliable, and able to take on any task.

Desktops also have a reputation for lasting longer. They are highly upgradeable. Components can be taken out easily and replaced with newer more powerful versions without having to purchase an entirely new unit. Computer repairs on a desktop is much simpler than a laptop. The parts are readily accessible for a computer technician and swapping out those parts is extremely easy. Therefore, if you will need computer support, a desktop will be a better choice than a laptop.

Desktop Downsides

Of course the downside of a desktop is that it is a large, stationary, and if there’s a need for repair, it can be cumbersome to transport to the computer repair shop. However whether it is a hard drive repair or the repair of some other vital component, the desktop will be less expensive and parts will be more readily available than with the laptop.

What if a desktop isn’t better than laptop?

Laptop computers have become more powerful, better made, and lighter. some laptops can almost rival the performance of desktop computers, and in fact only the top of the line desktop computers leave the best laptops in the dust. Laptops have a great edge over desktop computers because they are portable.

You can take them anywhere you need to go from a coffee shop, to a morning commute on the subway, and even on vacation, and always be ready to get your work done. This level of portability fits into the average workers lifestyle and maybe an indispensable feature when purchasing a computer.

Laptop Downsides

No matter how powerful the laptop is, there will always be compromises when you purchase one. Because laptops are designed to be light in weight and portable, they use components that are specifically designed for their size and weight. These components will never be as robust as those found in the desktop and you will therefore sacrifice speed and in some cases durability. For instance the higher the clock speed of a computer’s Central processing unit, the more heat it will generate.

Heat is dissipated in a computer by fans and heat sinks. Because a laptop has limited space, the amount of fans and heat sinks are also limited. As a result a laptop will be limited in its speed. Laptops are all so much more expensive to be fixed than desktops. When you’ll need laptop screen repair, laptop keyboard repair or some other laptop fix, the cost might make you want to reconsider your decision and even begin thinking of buying a new one. There’s also the potential for parts Repairing taking a long time. Many repair shops will have to send out for parts for your laptop causing you headaches and potentially lost work.

The Conclusion

In the end, your decision about whether are desktops better than laptops, should be made based on your needs and lifestyle. If you are able to do the vast majority of your work in one location and you need a powerful and stable computer, a desktop still might be your best option. However if you are constantly on the go, and need to be able to set your computer up anywhere and get to work, a laptop is by far the right way to go.

by Tyron Tromp

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