Amiga Console

🔥 HDMI TV Output

✔️ Included 25 classic Amiga games

🎉 Side-load your own games via USB stick

😍 Nice Gift For Friends & Family

Introducing The Amiga Console A500 Mini: the compact reimagining of this classic home computer. Welcome back to the 1980s and the pinnacle of 16-bit personal computing.

Amiga Console

Amiga Retro Console: Another Chance ?

✔You Can Give Yourself Another Chance To Go Back To The Good Old Days.

Featuring perfect emulation of not only the original A500 (OCS) and Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) of future revisions, but also the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200. Play one of the included 25 classic Amiga games, selected from a simple to use carousel, including all-time greats like Alien Breed 3D, Another World, Simon the Sorcerer and Worms.

Amiga Console retro games

😍All The Happy & Unforgettable Memories Can Be Restored Right NOW. It’s up to you!

✔️HDMI TV Output: All Your Favorite Games Live Again & Again On Your Big TV Screen.

✔️ Ideal For Children: 100% Safe

✔️Perfect For Grown Ups: Like The Old Days

😍 Nice Gift For Friends & Family

a500 mini

😍Because We Miss our Childhood.

✔Because We Need To Remember & because You have enough happy moments to be remembered.

HD Display supported with Amiga

YES YOU CAN! You Can Finally Play Classic Games On Your Modern TV. So Much Fun & a Lot of Overwhelming Memories! The only Remaining Question Is…

Which One Is Your Favorite Game.

Amiga retro games

Side-load your own games via USB stick with full WHD Load support and an array of options to choose from – plus, save and resume your game at any time to help you finish those punishingly difficult classics.

The Amiga Console A500 Mini is compatible with 100s of classic Amiga games and demos, utilising WHD Load for simplicity (games must be legally obtained/purchased from the legal owners), 50/60Hz in 720p HD via HDMI, Multiple scaling options & CRT filter.

Amiga retro games

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