Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs (2021)

Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs
Build Quality 95%
Refresh Rate : 120Hz 87%
Connectivity Ports 85%
Performance 94%
Storage Drive Performance 95%
Battery Life 92%
Thermals And Noise 75%
for SCHOOL: 4.35
for GAMING: 3.85

Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs (2021)

October 25th, 2021

14″ IPS Liquid Retina 3024 x 1964 120 Hz

WIFI 6 – Bluetooth 5.0

USB-C Charging

Thunderbolt 4

CPU Single: 1 766 Points

CPU Multi: 10 004 Points

GPU Compute: 38 523 Points

Apple M1 Pro

Apple M1 Pro

16 GB DDR5

512 GB SSD

Gaming : 1.8 H – Web Browsing: 12.5 H

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Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs M1 Pro (2021)

Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip for a massive leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance

Up to 10-core CPU delivers up to 3.7x faster performance to fly through pro workflows quicker than ever

Up to 32-core GPU with up to 13x faster performance for graphics-intensive apps and games

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Option 1

  • Apple M1 Pro
  • 16 GB DDR5 RAM
  • 512 GB SSD Storage
  • ‎MKGP3LL/A
Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs 14inch vs 16inch

What we do like about Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs (2021)

Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs

BUT not like this

gaming product pros and cons

Simplified Benchmark

MacBook Pro 14 VS Blade 14

14" IPS Liquid Retina 3024 x 1964
14" IPS 2560 x 1600
Refresh Rate
120 Hz 87%
165 Hz 91%
Connectivity Ports​
Geekbench 5 94%
Cinebench R23 (CPU Rendering) 95%
Blender (3D Rendering) 72%
Basemark GPU (Game Scene) 83%
Geekbench 5 96%
Cinebench R23 (CPU Rendering) 96%
Blender (3D Rendering) 91%
Basemark GPU (Game Scene) 97%
Apple M1 Pro
AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX
Apple M1 Pro
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
16 GB DDR5
16 GB DDR5
512 GB SSD
Battery Life​
Thermals And Noise
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Is it Gaming Laptop?

Most asked questions about Macbook Pro 14 inch Specs (2021)

Is New 14" MacBook Pro 2021 worth it?

With one of the best displays on the laptop market, its great connectivity and the amazing performance offered by Apple's newest ship: M1 Pro, thinks you'll get a great laptop especially if you intend to use it for School or heavy demanding apps (like editing videos software development). That being said, keep in mind that you'll pay extra with Apple for the same specs that you can get in a windows laptop.

Add to that, don't buy this laptop as your next gaming laptop. For much much lower prices, you can get better choices with windows laptops.

How much RAM do I need on my Mac?

The recommended amount of RAM for browsing internet, watching movies and series, running basic apps and making regular editing on videos and photos is 8 GB.

If you plan to add to that, professional editing of videos and photos, then we recommend you to go for 16/32 GB RAM.

M1 Pro vs M1 Max. Who needs the M1 Max?

Especially when coupled with a higher amount of RAM, the M1 Max is a better solution for high-level apps such as video editing, graphic design and 3D modeling.

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MacBook Pro 14 Review From Verified Buyers on AMAZON

Very easy to transfer over all the files from the MacBook Pro 15". Much lighter and Keyboard has a back light for the keys. So far no problems and I have been using it for around 2 weeks.

Lori Griffith

I have owned MacBooks for years, I went to a windows based device for a short time and sorrily missed the build quality, battery and keyboard! I went back to the 14 with the new redesign and M1 processor. I'm not one that needs many windows programs and really glad I went back and have the 3 year warranty with AppleCare on my device! no worries for fragile hardware or leaking anymore! Highly recommend.


I purchased two of these, one for my twin grandson and granddaughter, because they are heading to college and almost all of the courses are online.
As my grandson said, “this is lightening fast”. They previously had 2013 13” MacBook Pros but those are no longer up to todays tasks.


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